Why Should You Visit St Maarten?


St Maarten, or Saint Martin as it’s known to the French, is a Caribbean island split into two. One half is owned by France and is known as Saint Martin. The other half is the Dutch Sint Maarten. Lately, this particular island has been gaining prominence, despite its relatively small size, thanks to the growing number of vacation-makers choosing it as their destination.

Unique Mix cultures

There is a whole host of reasons to check the island out. The Caribbean island boasts a unique and enchanting mix of cultures: the sophisticated French cuisine and fashion and the laid-back, carefree Dutch way of life, all mixed in a beautiful Caribbean landscape. The island is becoming well-known amongst tourists for its beautiful white sand beaches and stunning verdant cliffs, plus the wonderful sea views from its grand hotels. Thanks to its Dutch and French heritage, St Maarten boasts an enviable variety of shopping destinations, with open-air markets selling all sorts of eclectic treasures to designer stores. The cuisine of the island is similarly exotic, with French and Dutch tastes combining with Caribbean cooking to create something not found anywhere else. Read more.

Fascinating History

The island also boasts a fascinating history, having switched hands between the British, French and the Dutch many times before finally settling into a French-Dutch settlement. This exciting history is referenced in many St Maarten folktales, with many interesting – and sometimes amusing! – Difference between the French and the Dutch versions of the tales. Many of these folktales reference the French-Dutch split down the island, with an element of healthy, light-spirited competition between the two sides. However, despite the split, it’s easy to travel between the two sides – so there’s no need to restrict yourself to simply French or Dutch if you can’t choose between the two!


Far from being your typical Caribbean holiday spot, the island boasts some unique quirks and differences that truly make it stand out. Aside from its culture, cuisine and long history, the island is home to a beach situated perilously – almost – close to its airport. A quick search on YouTube for this beach reveals videos filmed by excited tourists as planes soar over their heads! The beach in question is extremely popular with visitors.

A Fine Vacation Spot

Last but certainly not least, St Maarten’s Dutch influence lends it a welcoming, tolerant culture, making it a fine vacation spot for travellers of all kinds, from families to singles to LGBT couples, who do not need to worry about conservative attitudes during their stay. The island even has some popular nudist beaches for those who may find the Caribbean heat too hot to handle!


If you’re thinking about a vacation this year, it’s well worth adding St Maarten to your list of places to consider. Whether you want to explore a historic place and soak up the culture or just relax on a beautiful beach and listen to the waves rolling in, St Maarten has a lot to offer. For more information visit: http://www.privatevillarentals.com